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Thousands of restaurants are participating in Cobra’s Eat Out To Help Out extension scheme.

Search the restaurant near you in your home town. 

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Drink Responsibly  ¦ for the facts 

*Please note that this offer applies to the following Cobra products that are sold within the participating restaurant: Cobra Premium draught, Cobra Premium 330ml, Cobra Zero 330ml, Cobra Gluten Free 330ml, Malabar IPA draught, King Cobra 375ml. Promotion excludes Cobra Premium 660ml and King Cobra 750ml. The deal is capped at ONE free drink per person, over the age of 18, as long as food is ordered alongside Cobra. Promotion lasts from 1st to 30th September 2020, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Discount of up to 30%, maximum of £10 is available on food only, not drinks when you eat in. Participating restaurants are obliged to run the promotion responsibly, including the right to refuse to serve alcohol for the purposes of alcohol responsibility. Any tax liability for this benefit is between us and the restaurant is the responsibility of the restaurant. This initiative’s promoter is CBPL.